There are many Italians who choose to study in Australia . It may be because it is located exactly on the other side of the world, or perhaps because of the strange local fauna, but undoubtedly Australia has become one of the favorite destinations for many young people from all over the world. There are those who leave to have an experience , or those who leave to enrich their English a little; occasionally some young people and not only also leave with the idea of ​​staying forever , then they sit down at the table and put down an action plan that will lead them to obtain a permanent visa.

It was from the opening of the borders in the 1970s that Australia has become what was once a deliberately “white” country in one of the most ethnically composite states on the face of the earth and today a quarter of Australians were born abroad and almost half of the population has at least one parent born elsewhere.

But if multiculturalism is perceived in open-mindedness and easygoingness towards foreigners and all minorities, sometimes it can happen to be in difficulty if your level of English, or your working skills are not up to those living in Australia. It therefore often becomes necessary to learn English and to study in Australia in general, because it constitutes a fundamental element towards full social and work integration.

The Australian school system
Country you go, wherever you find it is said at our house. And this applies to every sector, even when it comes to studying in Australia. The system is slightly different from that of the beautiful country. The normal path for any student is to go to Primary School then to High School (which includes our middle and high school) and then you can go to university.

At this point, however, there is a big difference. Contrary to Italy, in Australia you will have the possibility to choose if after high school you will want to attend university and then undertake a more academic study path , or start a VET course (Vocational Education and Training), a sort of course halfway between our superiors and the three-year university, but it aims to prepare you for the world of work in a very practical way.

Professional courses
This type of path is divided into certificates and diplomas . Starting from a certificate III it is possible to reach an advanced diploma. Once you have obtained your advanced diploma, if you wish to continue and deepen your studies you can request recognition of some credits for a three-year degree course. After the triennial, then, the path is the same as in Italy. Then master and doctorate.